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Medical Professional Portal

Circulating fetal cell isolation technology

The other existing non-invasive sampling methods rely heavily on cffDNA, containing very limited genetic information. Therefore the capture of circulating fetal cells has become the most promising method for future prenatal examination. Our company has been dedicated to the development of non-invasive isolation of circulating fetal cells as well as the relevant methodology for molecular diagnosis. As far, we have already established a proprietary pipeline for the isolation of fetal cells from maternal blood as early as 10 to 12 weeks (U.S. patent).

Whole-genome sequencing technology from single cell

Due to the low quantity of circulating fetal cells (10 to 100 after enrichment), conventional whole-genome sequencing technology is hard to apply. To resolve this issue, we have successfully developed a single-cell whole-genome sequencing technology integrated with fetal cell isolation technology, which can be applied into clinical practice.

Data analysis, interpretation and display capability

After obtaining the whole-genome information, a major problem lies in the management of the massive sequencing data as well as the downstream analysis, especially the process to associate genetic variations with disease risk information (data interpretation). To satisfy the future needs of high throughput data analysis, we have developed a customer data processing platform for end users, comprising of storage, analysis, integration and interpretation of the data (myGCTA), providing a solid support for sample gathering, early prenatal diagnosis and full health management service (U.S. Patent).In terms of data display, we are developing intelligent end user applications based on iOS and Android system, allowing the users to understand the results in a simpler and more interactive way, ultimately for a better customer experience.