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Rnnotator : software focusing on genome and transcriptome assembly/alignment, providing comprehensive data analysis of all genes with high accuracy. Other applications include the identification of the differentially expressed gene and biological marker in the progression of diseases. Currently, it is in the progress of completing the global authorization from the U.S. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for exclusive license. 

PDS(Pathogen Detection Software): It enables the detection of various pathogens during pathological conditions from high throughput sequencing data, including viral infection, carcinogenesis, pregnancy, etc.

WSAF (Web-based Sequence Analysis Framework): It consists of two modules: sequence data analysis with mutation detection tool box and independent integrated database for analyzing the disease relevance on myGCTA™ platform.

SCSD (Single Cell Sequencing-based Diagnosis) : including whole-genome sequencing from limited cells (<10), whole-genome sequencing data and disease relevance analysis.

Small RNA Sequencing-based Diagnosis: during the progression of cancer, a subset of miRNAs can be differentially expressed differentially, which can be used as biological markers for cancer diagnosis. From early experiments, we have established a subset of miRNAs indicative for future clinical diagnosis and prediction.

Customized sequencing alignment hardware solution: using FPGA (field-programmable gate array).